be intentional.

Today, with intention, I’ve decided that I am qualified to opine on this: live intentionally, and your life will be more like what you want it to be.

Without intention, life is much less likely to happen in the way you wish it to happen.

Yes, I’m giving you this advice. Even though I question daily whether I am qualified to advise anyone on anything, really.*

You will find no links in this post to scientific or other support for this proposition. Simply my observation. My proposal. That whatever it is you seek is more likely to be if you spend your days with intention.

What this looks like? Well, that’s different for each of us. So, no “do these five things and you will be living an intentional life.” Nope, it’s not that easy. Or that hard.

For me? Living intentionally means that I spend some time each day pondering the what if. I visualize what it means to be wherever it is I want to be, and ponder further on what it will take to get there. With intention, I move forward. Whatever that may mean, on a given day.

Some days, that path is crystal clear. Others (most?) it’s murkier than the pond I used to swim in as a child.

I spend a lot of time talking to lawyers (and other really smart people) who are in various places in life, personally and professionally. A common thread? Those who live with intention focus less on the negative and more on the positive. They’re more likely to be close to where they think they want to be.

This truth is born out on those days that I’m able to do the same.

So, my advice for today: live with intention. Practice with intention. Don’t simply exist. BE what and who you wish to be. Even on the murky days. Especially on the murky days.


*Despite the fact that I have a masters in communication, a law degree (from a top 20 school, no less), have been practicing law for 16 years, and taught communication at the university level. Despite the fact that I regularly consult with really smart people about how they can do and be even better in whatever it is that they want to do and be.

I’m not throwing all of this out there to convince you that I’m “qualified” to give you this advice. Perhaps I’m throwing it out there to convince myself.? Sometimes I hide behind these letters. Even when I know that they aren’t who I am. At best, they represent some work I did.