my favorite pen.

I often write here about my favorite tech tools and devices (like this or this and this). Today’s favorite? Decidedly low tech. But we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a great pen.

Until we can transmit our thoughts via brain wave directly into Evernote, we still need to scratch things down every once in a while. And sometimes writing something — with a great pen— is the only way to go.

Like the handwritten thank you (or condolence or love) note. Which remains the only truly acceptable way to express your thoughts in many situations.

You can also grab a Moleskine notebook, a great pen, and zap your handwritten notes directly into Evernote – here’s how.

THIS is my favorite pen. I have it in black and blue. I order by the dozens. Because I don’t want to be caught without plenty on hand. It’s what all my clients use to sign documents in my office. It’s also a parting gift (not always intentionally) – pretty much everyone wants to keep the pen after they’ve used it

So order some. And maybe order some nice personalized notecards. And do some writing.

[I also really love my vintage fountain pen. It’s beautiful and I always think it helps me improve the quality of what I write. But it’s a lot less practical.]