“Cat is my miracle! She not only “gets” me, but she seems to understand even what I’m not saying. She takes my vision and my sometimes crazy and disorganized thoughts and helps me create a plan like it was magic. I cannot put into words how much working with Cat has helped me clarify my goals and generate boundless enthusiasm for seeing them turn into reality.” 
– Nanette Gould | Nashville Employment Law Center
“As a transactional real estate attorney my practice is based almost completely on service and long standing relationships. When it comes to growing my practice, I have a very narrow target market on which to focus my marketing efforts. Because of that, I never put much emphasis on internet marketing or, for that matter, any type of broad based marketing concept. To have a resource like Caitlin Moon, a practicing attorney, who undersands the nuances involved in marketing my practice, is invaluable. I have consulted with Caitlin one on one and attended one of her workshops on internet marketing. In just a few short hours, I gained a whole new understanding on how to reach and attract desired clients to my practice via the internet and use of social media. If you are interested in learning how to grow your practice using the internet and social media, you need to contact Caitlin Moon.”
– Scott Hubbard | McCann & Hubbard
“Cat’s workshops are a bargain for the price and time. A CLE that’s actually helpful! Since taking two of her workshops, I’ve learned how to own my presence on the web. This has undoubtedly helped me cast a broader net for gaining clients.”
– Baylor Swindell | Windrow Phillips Group
“Working with Caitlin was a wonderful experience.  As a fellow lawyer, she understands how lawyers work, what we want and what we are willing to do for ourselves (i.e., that we don’t want to learn the technology, we just want to get it to work for us!).  She listened and observed and then provided practical resources that addressed our specific issues.  As a fellow entrepreneur, she understands the challenges facing small-business owners and caters her solutions to those concerns.   She provides superior service with a great attention to detail.”
– Tonya Matthews | Fisher Matthews PLLC
“I attended one of Cat’s workshops two years ago, and picked up more practical, ready-to-apply tips and techniques than I’d obtained in any other seminar. I was hooked. Over the past 18 months, I have retained Cat as a consultant on every technology issue that has arisen in my firm. She set me up with a turnkey solution for new hardware, seamlessly migrated my billing and case-management system to a new platform [Clio], and audited by current website architecture for “Googlability.” I have recouped her notoriously reasonable consulting fees many times over from the savings directly related to her recommendations. Cat’s niche is a rate combination of technological expertise and a clear understanding of running a law firm.“
– Donna Green | The Law Office of Donna Green
“I wanted to give you a progress report … We have not bought paper since December [four months]. Our postage has been cut by more than half. We also changed phone systems and are utilizing e-fax capabilities through it … We are sending discovery and pre-mediation statements to opposing counsel and mediators through [our paperless system], elminating the need for multiple copies. I can honestly say that we have already recovered our costs for your evaluation. If you ever need any sort of reference in the future, keep us in mind. Thanks. – Dusty”
– Dusty King | King & King PLC
“I didn’t even know all the forks in the road facing me. These were actually opportunities to do things in a better way – not painful changes. There’s always some trepidation about any change. But I went from not even knowing what I was facing to knowing what I was facing but knowing that everything was achievable, doable. In the assessment, I learned that I’m worse off than I thought. But when presented all the options, it suddenly became manageable. My work with you has gotten to the point that I’ve been so tickled about it that I didn’t want my competition to know how good you are and I don’t want to share you. Change was forced on me, but when I embraced it, it was the difference of not continuing to do things in a way that was dated, inefficient and impractical. Executing the plan took us to the next step, where I wanted to embrace bringing you on for another project — the website.”
 – Richard House | Richard House Law