links i like.

What’s not here?

Want to surf the ‘net in stealth mode? Check out this fast and secure way to search privately.

It’s finally here. And here are five things you need to know about Microsoft Office for iPad.

Use Gmail? Worried about the NSA snooping through your emails? Here’s what Google is doing to thwart the snooping.

For anyone who stares at a computer screen much of the day (like many lawyers I know, myself included), consider using this app (for both Mac and Windows) designed to ease the eye strain.

No matter where you buy e-books, it’s possible to read them in one place. Here’s how. Very helpful for e-book addicts like me.

I’ve ditched Box for Google Drive, perhaps for good. I’m currently exploring the many things I can do with Drive, that I couldn’t with Box.

Try this one-minute hack to grow your Twitter following organically.

Your website copy probably needs reworking. (Mine does.) Schedule some time to rewrite. (I am.) Read this first. It will help you turn bland text into sparkling content.

links i like.


Pretend it’s Friday. This week’s links? Words of wisdom from Seth. I think we think these ideas don’t apply to us. They do.

The links:

Accuracy, resiliency, and denial – where are you on this spectrum? No doubt we lawyers are guilty of making the two mistakes. I really hope you read and embrace this.

Who are your clients? This is gold, people.

Is your practice worth talking about? If not, then why bother?

Are you building gradually, to avoid the surprise of suddenly?

Could the point be more spot-on?

When you define the category, when the category is you and you alone, your marketing issues tend to disappear. This scares the hell out of most lawyers. Think of the advantage this affords those who are not afraid. Hmmm …

What works? A query significantly more important than what’s new.

Reading really good stuff is a really good way to keep moving forward. Add these books to the top of your reading list.