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Want to surf the ‘net in stealth mode? Check out this fast and secure way to search privately.

It’s finally here. And here are five things you need to know about Microsoft Office for iPad.

Use Gmail? Worried about the NSA snooping through your emails? Here’s what Google is doing to thwart the snooping.

For anyone who stares at a computer screen much of the day (like many lawyers I know, myself included), consider using this app (for both Mac and Windows) designed to ease the eye strain.

No matter where you buy e-books, it’s possible to read them in one place. Here’s how. Very helpful for e-book addicts like me.

I’ve ditched Box for Google Drive, perhaps for good. I’m currently exploring the many things I can do with Drive, that I couldn’t with Box.

Try this one-minute hack to grow your Twitter following organically.

Your website copy probably needs reworking. (Mine does.) Schedule some time to rewrite. (I am.) Read this first. It will help you turn bland text into sparkling content.

a wicked little email attachment manager.

Email attachments were one of the 9 levels of email hell, in my opinion. But no longer, thanks to MetisMe, a wicked little Gmail attachment manager. MetisMe wrangles and manages all of your email attachments, in an intuitive and user-friendly way. The app does these very handy things:
  1. Creates an attachment stack — of all of your attachments, all nice and neat.
  2. Makes it quick and easy to search said attachments.
  3. Connects to your cloud apps of choice (Drive, Box, Dropbox, EVERNOTE!, etc.) — you can send attachments straight there with a click.
  4. You can set rules to automagically send attachments to certain spots. Yes.
MetisMe is free. It is awesome. Currently available as a Chrome and Firefox extension. You should check it out. P.S. The MetisMe blog is pretty cool, too — lots of productivity and email marketing hacks and tips.