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[quote by Seth Godin]

Use public wifi? Here’s what you need to know, to do so safely. (This topic came up in yesterday’s cloud workshop, which reminded me that it’s easy to be lazy when using public wifi. Don’t.)

Spread a little cheer, and send a nice card to your clients, referral sources, and others who support your success throughout the year.

Even better — attach your lovely card to a yummy gift.

Spend some time over the holidays relaxing with a thought-provoking book. Any one of these will fit the bill.

You need downtime. You need to plan for the downtime. Why? Well, “research on naps, meditation, nature walks and the habits of exceptional artists and athletes reveals how mental breaks increase productivity, replenish attention, solidify memories and encourage creativity.”

Gmail’s new Inbox app needs to come to Google Apps before I’m a total convert, but reminders are one reason I really like it.

How does your office measure up as the perfect workspace? (I see a new year’s resolution opportunity here for many lawyers I know …)

Take a few minutes to listen to this quite excellent conversation between Seth Godin and Krista Tippett; Seth’s thoughts on marketing are relevant to lawyers, too. (And if you’re not listening to On Being on a regular basis, I strongly suggest you start doing so.)

The easy way to download YouTube videos.

A to X Writing Advice. good reminders, here.

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