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I’m consumed with workflow this week. So much so that the it’s inspired a transformation of the whole iLawPractice enterprise. More on that soon.

In the meantime, some links I like. About workflow and progress:

This post on A List Apart about prototyping workflows goes directly to issues we all have when trying to iterate and improve on our workflows.

One of my newest obsessions: Kanban. I’m a visual thinker and this simply rings lots of bells for me. I can see its application in so many areas apropos to the practice of law.

Turns out that progress is about ebb and flow. Not an orderly ascension. <Imagine this makes a few folks kind of uncomfortable.>

Effective workflow is a very personal thing. This guy spent a year trying different methods of productivity to tweak his workflow. Here are the 10 top things he learned.

Apparently the average working person spends 28% of the day dealing with email. Egads! Perhaps a more disciplined approach to email can help?

How, where, when you work — all part of the many choices we make. I like Seth’s advice.

How to get stuff done, and avoid burn out, in three steps.

And what to do if you’re already experiencing burn out. Sadly, I know many folks who should read this. Maybe they’re reading this post, too.

links i like


Are you present? If not, you could be screwing up. It’s easier than you think. Like, 3 seconds easy.

This contradicts much of what I was taught (which, admittedly, wasn’t much) in law school about negotiation: emotions matter and you should use them.

Another something that law school completely missed. Seriously, this matters. The Importance of Kindness (George Saunders).

Nearly half of consumers visiting websites judge a site’s credibility based on DESIGN.

I’m an Amazon addict. Not a fan of its user interface. [I fall in with those who judge on design.] Now I use Canopy. Ahhh.

Do you engage in self-improvement porn? This is for you. How to take action. And stop fantasizing about taking action.

How folks handle email befuddles me on a daily basis. We can all use a little reminder about email etiquette.

And while we’re on the subject of email … here are 5 ways to write better ones, and get more replies.

Seven ways to bore the hell out of people [online]. Yep.

Set a date. And once you set it, stick to it. Valuable advice on so many levels.

links i like.

Inspired in part by the nature of chaos and how great intentions aren’t always enough to stay on course … and a reminder that rethinking your course is never a bad thing … this week’s links:

Set your schedule according to your deepest priorities. This was my lesson this week. An important one.

How often do we give up when we KNOW rather than staying curious so we can continue to simply do our best? 

You have no excuse not to do this: the 30 second habit with a lifelong impact 

For distraction free working (and writing). <I’m listening to the rain as I type.>

I used Haiku Deck this morning to craft slides for an upcoming workshop. Then I stumbled across Deckset. 

44 simple ways to enjoy your work <infographic>

10 ways to do what you don’t want to do. Focusing on numbers 3, 7, and 9 today.

A helpful read for fellow Evernote junkies.

Is it really possible to design your life? Worth watching, but long. So here are some highlights.

links i like.

What’s not here?

Want to surf the ‘net in stealth mode? Check out this fast and secure way to search privately.

It’s finally here. And here are five things you need to know about Microsoft Office for iPad.

Use Gmail? Worried about the NSA snooping through your emails? Here’s what Google is doing to thwart the snooping.

For anyone who stares at a computer screen much of the day (like many lawyers I know, myself included), consider using this app (for both Mac and Windows) designed to ease the eye strain.

No matter where you buy e-books, it’s possible to read them in one place. Here’s how. Very helpful for e-book addicts like me.

I’ve ditched Box for Google Drive, perhaps for good. I’m currently exploring the many things I can do with Drive, that I couldn’t with Box.

Try this one-minute hack to grow your Twitter following organically.

Your website copy probably needs reworking. (Mine does.) Schedule some time to rewrite. (I am.) Read this first. It will help you turn bland text into sparkling content.

links i like.

Spring break starts tomorrow.

Here’s to the end of winter. And the beginning of vacations. 🙂

The links:

Add these spots to your bucket list: 41 places to see before you die, Part I.

And here’s Part II. [Have you booked a trip yet? I’m leaning towards the Seychelles at the moment. Or perhaps Bali …]

Planning a last-minute get-away? Here are 6 apps to help you make it happen.

Some good tips on how to take a stress-free vacation from work.

Do you think the strategy of declaring email bankruptcy can work for a lawyer? [I am all at once intrigued and horrified.]

How a solo lawyer can take a vacation, Part I and Part II, both written by a lawyer who travels. A lot.

The best ways to work on vacation, if you have to. Without ruining your vacation.

You’ve decided to take a much-needed last-minute trip. Or, like me, you’ve had a trip planned for months but don’t have time to think about packing until the night before. Here’s how to pack for a week-long trip in 15 minutes.

links i like.

It’s already Friday again! And you know what that means …

The links:

One of the best PowerPoints on how not to use PowerPoint (or any other slide/presentation software) appears here. Read this. Live it.

How to handle these 6 types of people who are really hard to talk to.

This doesn’t apply to all lawyers. But I know quite a few who need to read this and do what it says.

I may struggle with forgetfulness every once in a while. Knowing how memory works is helpful.

Success is a process – five steps.

Apparently we shouldn’t delegate the rote work to technology, as it turns out we’re happiest doing the mindless tasks.?

If I had an iPad Air, I’d grab at least one of these cases.

An 8-step process to writing blog posts that don’t suck.

I kind of like making my way slowly through a book. But this way to read faster, more, better [?] is interesting.

A list of iPad apps for litigators: jury selection, pre-trial, and trial apps.

links i like.

Today’s list is random. Enjoy!

The links:

This site is full of tutorials, inspiration and videos to help us learn about all kinds of stuff. Great stuff.

How to define your target market, stop wasting money & hit your niche. Just what it says.

Invest in yourself. Treat yourself like a microbe. And grow exponentially.

Live your life. Stop giving a F@$% what people think.

A really cool source of light for your desk.

Enable OK Google and use automagic voice-activated search in your Chrome browser. It’s fun.

Put down your phones at night, people. Checking email at all hours makes you tired and unproductive the following day, depleting reserves of self-control. Uh oh.

It’s overwhelming how fast new technology replaces the technology we’re using today. Some thoughts on how to survive the next wave of technology extinction.

End each day with the beginning in mind. (I use Workflowy to do this.)