tech tip tuesday: unlocking a locked pdf file

Today’s dilemma inspired today’s post. I have a locked PDF file that I need to edit for a client, which I received via an email attachment.

I don’t have the password so I can’t unlock it. I can’t copy and paste it into a Word doc (my default method for creating a Word doc from a PDF), nor will PDF2Officeconvert to Word due to the password protection (my backup conversion method).

I tried converting to Google Docs for editing, which often works for PDFs that I can’t copy and paste into Word. But not this one. Docs reads much of the text as an image, which I can’t edit.

The solution: open the PDF in Chrome and print it to PDF (or open PDF in Preview if using a Mac). The new PDF created is unlocked.

I’m now able to copy and paste into Word, to my heart’s content.

It truly is the little things. 🙂