links i like.

It’s already Friday again! And you know what that means …

The links:

One of the best PowerPoints on how not to use PowerPoint (or any other slide/presentation software) appears here. Read this. Live it.

How to handle these 6 types of people who are really hard to talk to.

This doesn’t apply to all lawyers. But I know quite a few who need to read this and do what it says.

I may struggle with forgetfulness every once in a while. Knowing how memory works is helpful.

Success is a process – five steps.

Apparently we shouldn’t delegate the rote work to technology, as it turns out we’re happiest doing the mindless tasks.?

If I had an iPad Air, I’d grab at least one of these cases.

An 8-step process to writing blog posts that don’t suck.

I kind of like making my way slowly through a book. But this way to read faster, more, better [?] is interesting.

A list of iPad apps for litigators: jury selection, pre-trial, and trial apps.